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Health practitioners and writers from many different disciplines emphasize the importance and complexity of the immune system and its interconnectedness with other parts of the body. At my BioSET clinic/institute in Mill Valley California, I mention the immune system hundreds of times daily to patients. This system does not have one central regulating organ like other body systems; for example, the circulatory system ahs the heart, the respiratory system has the lungs and the digestive system has the stomach and intestines. The immune system’s components are located throughout the body and communicate with one another through the immune cells. The primary function of the immune system is to be sensitive to invaders and to be able to distinguish them from the body’s own cells. Anything foreign to the body is a potential enemy, called an antigen. Once the antigen has been sighted, a complex immune response comes into play.

The immune system is composed of the lymphatic vessels, the lymph nodes and the lymph they contain, as well as organs such as the thymus, spleen and tonsils. It includes white blood cells, such as lymphocytes, neutrophils, basophils, eosinophils, and monocytes, as well as specialized white blood cells called macrophages, and mast cells.

When the immune system is not functioning properly, a number of problems may develop, some of which are apparent, others that are more subtle. More and more researchers and health practitioners are acknowledging the role of immune dysfunction in may unexplained illnesses. When the immune system responds appropriately and quickly, we are able to resist infections. When the response is inadequate, the result is illness from a common virus to a more serious autoimmune problem such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus or even cancer.

I often comment that our immune system is overbuilt for success. We have many parts of this system that are back up mechanisms to fight the battle when the artillery is needed. And many chronic healthy maladies are signs of the immune system overworking to defend our bodies. But these signs are warnings to search for the stress to our system.

When the load to our bodies far exceed the immune systems defense, dis-ease erupts. This is not something that occurs overnight. It happens over many years.

I strongly believe the underlying cause of immune system dysfunction is poor digestion and allergies. This is the other topic I also discuss in my clinic every day with many people, and this is the focus of my next book, (Enzymes, the miracle healer, due out April 2005), when the body doesn’t digest food properly, the undigested food is absorbed into the bloodstream, and the immune system targets it as a foreign invader and starts attacking it. This response creates circulating immune complexes (CIC’s) which can inhibit certain immune system backup mechanisms from functioning and ultimately cause autoimmune problems. And every year, there are new undiagnosed autoimmune conditions plaguing individuals. In autoimmune problems, such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, thyroiditis, lupus, colitis, an chronic fatigue, the immune system has lost its ability to distinguish between “self” and “not self,” and the body starts attacking its own tissues as if they were antigens. When the CIC’s lodge in different parts of the body, the immune system attempts to destroy them and in so doing, destroys its own healthy cells. Our white blood cells, such as macophages and neutophils, attack and destroy these CIC’s At the same time, they send out chemicals that trigger inflammation and summon other defensive cells to act upon the inflammation which can trigger an autoimmune reaction. If these CIC’s grow to large, the macrophages and neutrophils cannot destroy them, and the CIC’s attach to different tissue cells, creating inflammation and causing autoimmune reactions, accelerated aging and fatigue. Enzymes, especially protease, or proteolytic enzymes, enzymes that break down protein or foreign invaders, are instrumental in fighting antigens and preventing the production of CIC’s. Good digestion is paramount because it prevents undigested food particles from entering the bloodstream. Every one of my patients, whether they are 6 years old or 98 years old, is suppmented with a plant digestive enzyme. This not only will prevent these CIC’s, it will also allow the full delivery and absorption of vitamins and minerals from foods or supplements, strengthening the body’s physiology and immune system as well as enlivening your energy and vitality. Enzymes are the key to longevity, optimal health and fitness. There is no other supplement that offers this complete package. And it is natural, safe and wholesome.

To learn more about enzymes, read chapter 10( Enzyme Therapy) in The Food Allergy Cure (Three Rivers Press) and keep your eyes open to my upcoming book on Enzymes due out April 2005. (the most concise bible on enzymes every written). And remember to browse the website for seminars on Enzymes and BioSET home treatment.

Dr. Ellen Cutler has just opened the first BioSET clinic/institute in Mill Valley California. Patients are treated there with BioSET and this is the site for teaching BioSET and practitioners of all disciplines apprenticing under Dr. Cutler. The phone number for the clinic/institute is: 415-384-0200.

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Written by Ellen W. Cutler DC MD

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