Bowel cancer

Our final query comes from another concerned wife whose husband had just had a malignant tumour removed from his bowel. They are still awaiting results to see if he has the all-clear although there is the possibility he may need further treatment such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy etc. Should this be required, what suggestions are there to help him through the treatment and what can he do afterwards to keep the bowel cancer at bay? First, reassess your diet and throw out any old eating habits that may have contributed to the initial cancer developing. Eliminate all refined and processed foods that are acidic and steer towards more alkaline-forming, whole foods like fruit and vegetables. Try a macrobiotic diet, perhaps supplementing it with iodine, selenium, co-enzyme Q10 and Essiac for cleansing the blood and generally enhancing one’s health. Drinking spinach juice is supposed to produce encouraging results. One reader who had stage 3 rectal cancer four years ago underwent both chemo- and radiotherapy. She followed Linus Pauling’s vitamin C therapy during the treatment and she found it helped her heal quicker from radiation burns and made the chemo easier to tolerate.

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