I am writing in response to L.R.’s problem with chronic pain (WDDTY Vol 3 No 2).

My own discipline is the Alexander Technique. I would say that there is a compressing and discoordinating impulse that affects the whole body when a person is anxious, depressed or in pain. It is possible that she is making her symptoms worse by her body use, for example in compressing her viscera and impairing her circulation. L. G., The Complementary Health Centre, Exeter.The lady can certainly be helped with homoeopathy. There are insufficient data given in your report, but one remedy Cocculus springs to mind. P. J. L., homoeopath, Gravesend.

Re L. R. ‘s problem with Reynaud’s and erythromyalgia: she could try Sulphur 30 twice daily, an over the counter remedy. A. M, homoeopath, Bridport.

Apart from improved diet supplements, I have had excellent results in prescribing Dr. Madus’ Oligoplex Preparations “Secal corn” oplex. Relief is usually apparent after a few days. J. S., registered naturopath, London.

I would suggest that she considers the Bach Flower Remedies for the emotional side (and possibly underlying causes) of her problems. I would suggest the following: Gorse, Olive, Scleranthus, Star of Bethlehem, Crab Apple and Willow. J. W., Romford, Essex.

We would only add that L. R. (and any others of you out there looking for relief from chronic pain) only investigate these possibilities with the help of a trained therapist or centre with several different therapies on offer. That way, if one discipline doesn’t seem to help, the therapist can suggest an alternative.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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