Common migraines:

How to soothe those nasty headaches? First, if possible, try and find out the cause of the migraines. According to some readers’ experiences, this could be heavy metal toxicity; constipation (likely due to digestive problems); or food allergies (such as yeast or lactose intolerance or to additives like monosodium glutomate or aspartame). Some people also find that cold foods and drinks trigger off headaches. As prevention is always better than cure, it’s best to avoid all these potential sources. But if it’s a cure that you need, herbal remedies that have helped various readers control the frequency of headaches include feverfew, wood betony, rosemary and peppermint tablets. A homeopath suggests either one of the following remedies: high potency silicea; arseniucum album; or a combination of calc. fluoride, kali phos and silicea. As for possible helpful therapies, we have the usual suspects: Bowen technique, acupuncture, reflexology, aromatherapy and hypnotherapy. For more short term relief, one reader advising mixing some heat lotion with aloe vera and putting small amounts this homemade concoction on the temples. Another suggests a more appealing option for the sweet toothed: drink something sweet such as lucozade or dissolve one or two glucose tablets in water. The drink is supposed to lower intracranial pressure and doubles up as a painkiller as well.

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