Crohn’s disease:

The suggestions keep flooding in on how to tackle Crohn’s. One reader sticks to a strict dairy-free diet, while another takes a Slippery Elm pill 20 minutes before meals and strengthens her digestive system with probiotics. Keeping gluten out also does the trick, as do low carbohydrate, high fat diets. One Crohn’s sufferer even chartered her success story in battling the disease with alternative medicine at the following site ( ) Acupuncture and even hypnosis can help relieve the pain. There are murmurings along the grapevine concerning the use of worms to cure Crohn’s. Apparently, one study in the University of Iowa fed live worms’ eggs to 29 Crohn’s patients every three weeks over a period of 24 weeks. After the trial period, nearly three out of four of the volunteers were in remission without side effects (Gut 2005 Jan; 54 (1) 87-9). The Slippery Elm seems infinitely more appealing.

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