What could we do to help a 14-year-old with glandular fever? Elderberry acts specifically against the virus that causes the fever, according to one reader. Another suggestion is a combination of 1000mg Kyolic Garlic three times a day, and one teaspoon of FSC sugar-free powdered vitamin C taken twice a day, supplemented with an acidophilus supplement. Homeopathy has a good track record in treating glandular fever, says another reader. It’s always best to see a homeopath, but self-help remedies include Carcinosin (3 doses of Carcinosin 200 within 24 hours), or Ailanthus Glandulosa 30 first thing for up to four weeks. Another homeopath successfully treated glandular fever recently with Bar-c/Bell/Merc 30c, taken three times a day. Take an holistic approach, urges another reader. Check for amalgam fillings, internal parasites, or food allergies, and see if there is anything in the environment that is overloading the immune system, such as chemical cleaning products or in paints, carpets and furnishings. Make sure that gas is not leaking from a cooker or heater, and limit electro-magnetic emissions from computers, mobile phones and the tv.

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