MMR: autism rears its head again

The UK government has done its best to put the lid on the story of a potential link between the MMR vaccine and autism. It’s even funding an ‘independent study’ to be carried out by the National Institute for Biological Standards and Controls. Unfortunately, two of the researchers at the Institute advise the manufacturer of the vaccine, and are openly critical of the autism theory, so nobody’s holding their breath (see E-news broadcast no. 4).

So, just as Prime Minister Blair might have hoped the dust was finally settling, Californian researchers have discovered that childhood autism has tripled in the past 15 years. And, most significantly, they have laid to rest the old chestnut that the increase is simply down to better monitoring and understanding of the problem.

These increases are genuine, and the researchers are not ruling out a possible link with the MMR vaccine. Many of the families whose children participated in the Californian study suspect the vaccine was responsible, as they noted a marked change in their children’s behaviour soon after they were given the vaccine.

Meanwhile, take-up levels will continue to fall until the government stops putting bully tactics in front of good science.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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