Nuclear radiation can also cause childhood cancer

Re ‘Childhood Cancer’ (WDDTY vol 13 no 1), mention should have been made of the work of Dr Ernest J. Sternglass, available online at radiation/SecretFallout/.

He says: ‘When I undertook to write the first edition of this book, originally published in 1972 under the title Low-Level Radiation, my primary concern was with the health effects of worldwide fallout from nuclear weapons, particularly on the developing infant in the mother’s womb.’ He then provides evidence that governments ‘must keep from their own people the severity of the biological damage already done to their children by past nuclear testing and the releases from nuclear reactors near their homes’.

Dr John W. Gofman, an eminent physicist and medical man, believes there is no safe dose of ionising radiation (nuclear/X-rays). His classic text is Radiation & Human Health (Sierra Club Books, San Francisco, 1981). – Dr Ronald F Price, via e-mail

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