If HIV isn’t the cause of AIDS, what is? In Peter Duesberg’s view, “25 previously known, and in part entirely unrelated diseases have been redefined as AIDS, provided they occur in the presence of HIV.” ( Pharmac Ther; 1992; 55: 201-77). In other words, if you’ve got tuberculosis without a positive ELISA test, you’ve got tuberculosis. If tuberculosis is diagnosed with a positive HIV test, you’ve got AIDS.

The heretical view is that the severe immune suppression seen in full blown AIDS is not caused by a germ, but by a variety of separate life style risk factors peculiar to the various high risk groups which have compromised health prior to the onset of the disease. Their common thread, believes Eleni Eleopulos, is that they are all oxidizing agents that is, they cause unwanted “fires” in cells, as cancer does. These insults to the body only cause immune suppression after a long window of time, just as cigarette smoking takes years to lead to cancer.The prevailing belief is that this immune suppression is caused by:

Among male homosexuals, a high number of sexual partners, receptive anal intercourse and exposure to recreational drugs, especially nitrites. According to Eleni Eleopulos, abundant studies show that immunosuppression and the development of Kaposi’s sarcoma is related to the number of sexual partners and frequency of receptive anal intercourse; indeed, immune suppression appears more often in anal sperm recipients (ie, passive partners), but not their sperm donating partners. Furthermore, animal studies conclusively demonstrate that sperm is a strong immunosuppressive if it migrates to the general cells of the body. This is more possible with anal sex, since, unlike the vagina, with its thick lining, which makes penetration of semen into the bloodstream unlikely, the rectum is separated from the bloodstream and lymphatic system by only a thin cell wall, which is easily penetrated during anal intercourse (Medical Hypotheses, 1988; 25: 151-62).

Among hemophiliacs, not only by the condition itself, but also impurities in the blood clotting agent Factor VIII. In one study, more non HIV heomophiliacs demonstrated AIDS related diseases than did those who were found to be HIV positive (Gomperts. E. D. de Biasi, R. and De Vreker. R.1991. The impact of Clotting Factor Concentrates on the Immune System in Individuals with Hemophilia. Baxter Healthcare Corporation Hyland Division, Glendale. California).

Among intravenous drug users using opiates, the immunosuppressing effects of drugs, which have been known since the 70s.

Among recipients of transfusions, blood products and transfusion itself, which is known to be immunosuppressive, particularly when irradiated blood is used. One study demonstrated that the more blood a patient receives, the lower his number of T-cells (Bri J Haemat, 1985, 59: 713).

Among babies, supposedly born to HIV mothers, drug addiction or the effects of drug addiction in the mother. Three quarters of American AIDS babies are born to “crack mothers,” says Duesberg. Other AIDS babies are blood transfusion recipients or hemophiliacs.

Among Africans, malnutrition and widely practised anal intercourse among heterosexuals. AIDS is a new name for old, indigenous diseases. Also, what we call an “AIDS epidemic” could be the result of wild inaccuracy of the AIDS test in Africa in which thousands of people with multiple antibodies show up as HIV positive on ELISA tests. Unlike the US and European AIDS cases, African AIDS doesn’t occur among homosexuals, drug users or hemophiliacs.

Among all AIDS patients, prophylactic drugs like AZT, which cause anemia and lower blood cell count, causing “AIDS by prescription,” Duesberg says.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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