A boycott will knock health shops off the fence

Holland & Barrett are not alone in the ‘let’s-sit-on-the-fence’ brigade. My local healthfood shop did not respond when I offered leaflets and posters for the Health Freedom Movement. I use products from Nature’s Best (Lamberts) and they have done absolutely nothing to alert their customers. I wrote to them and got blandishments. The time has come to start boycotts. With a bit of luck, we can find suppliers on our side and just use them. If you publicise the goodies and baddies, we can start flexing those credit cards in the right direction. – Jocelyne Fortin, Kingston

WDDTY replies: Keep an eye on our e-news and HFM website (www.healthfreedommovement.com), where we will name and shame the manufacturers and politicians who are in favour of the directives. Remember to download our proclamation, fill it out, circulate it to everyone you know and return it to us. The proclamation says that if these directives are passed, we will not recognise them as law.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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