A sterling remedy for vestibulitis . . .

I refer to your article in the latest WDDTY (vol 12 no 7, Q&A) about vestibulitis.

I suffered from this for several years, without really knowing what it was. I went to doctors (who didn’t know what it was either), who gave me hormone creams and other treatments, but to no avail. I tried applying yoghurt, but that did not help either. Over the years, I tried a number of other things (including progesterone cream) which reduced it somewhat, but it was still not cured.

I then applied colloidal silver, about half-a-dropper-full, and made sure that as much of it as possible flowed into the vagina. On top of that, I sprinkled zinc oxide powder over the whole area and mixed it well with the colloidal silver.

In the beginning, I applied it three times a day but, as it got better, I reduced it to twice a day and then to only once a day. I was especially careful to apply it after swimming also. (I live in the tropics).

It has not reappeared for the last year and I consider myself completely cured. I hope this might be of interest to your readers.- Lizzie Kaufmann, via e-mail

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