The well respected Bristol Cancer Help Centre recommends a range of nutritional supplements. Some of these work through supporting the immune system; others act as anti-oxidants, which means they deactivate potentially cancer causing substances.

Vitamin C (as calcium or magnesium ascorbate)Beta-carotene

Zinc (as zinc gluconate, zinc citrate or zinc orotate)


Vitamin B

You should follow a diet high in unrefined foods, with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, organically grown and eaten raw where possible. Use olive oil for cooking and eat plenty of soya products which have been shown to prevent breast cancer (The Lancet, 18 May 1991). Keep alcohol intake to a minimum and avoid red meat, dairy produce, sugar, salt, smoked or pickled foods, additives and preservatives. Take regular exercise.

Breast feeding has been shown to stave off breast cancer in both the mother and child, when female.

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