ANTIDEPRESSANTS:: Now they face the typographical device

When a drug is dangerous – it might be known to kill or seriously injure – the regulators act quickly and decisively. And they don’t pull their punches either. Their most deadly weapon is – a typographical device. And make no mistake, they’re not afraid to use it.
The antidepressants such as Prozac are likely to be the latest to suffer the full force of the typographical device. Children have committed suicide while on the drugs, and have done since the early 1980s when the antidepressants were first – and inappropriately – prescribed.
Enough is enough, say the regulators, and now they’re ready to take off the gloves, and institute the typographical device. The device in question is a ‘black box’, which will appear on all drug-warning sheets. This means that the warning is in a bold type, and is enclosed within a box.
This is clearly a crushing blow to a pharmaceutical industry that now knows its products cannot kill with impunity.

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