BAD SCIENCE::Why so many medical studies are flawed

Doctors who point the finger at alternative medicine comfort themselves with the thought that, whatever its faults, conventional medicine is at least a science. Drugs and procedures are weighed and analysed in strictly-controlled trials that are conducted by researchers who are beyond reproach.
Sadly, this reassuring view is far removed from the real world. A new study has discovered that a third of American scientists had been guilty of serious misconduct while undertaking medical research in the last three years. Misdeeds have included falsification of data, hiding or removing data that didn’t fit the findings, and failing to reveal commercial links with the sponsor (usually a drug company). More than 15 per cent also admitted changing the study’s conclusions to meet the expectations of the sponsor. Not that there are many whistle-blowers among them. Many said they turned a blind eye when colleagues have falsified data.
That’s the trouble with conventional medicine. It’s so unscientific.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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