In Vol 2 No 3 I was particularly interested by the article on “Blinded by the Light” as my mother has suffered from eye trouble for 20 years. I therefore did as the article suggested, and contacted The Bates Association of Great Britain to find out further information.

However, I was rather surprised and bemused to find that the gentleman who answered the phone, Mr Attenborough, was actually quite irritated at the call, and perhaps justly so, as he informed me that he had not been contacted by you so that he could give permission for that number to be used.An unfortunate situation, and one which I have to admit, did not do much to support my faith in the publication.

As it turned out, the information was invaluable, and the contact name Mr Attenborough supplied me with was very helpful: after two weeks of following some of the Bates techniques my mother is shouting from the rooftops that she can read without glasses (she has not done this for years). My faith restored! C.B., Bath……

The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine supplied us with the number we printed in the article in question (and also, all you resubscribers, in the free WDDTY Guide to Doctors) for the Bates Association of Great Britain. After it appeared, Anthony Attenborough phoned us to explain that he used to be the secretary of the Bates Society and therefore handled such enquiries but is no longer. Any future enquiries should be directed to Peter Mansfield on 0273 452623.

We’re delighted your mother is improving on the regime. Those who feel they can benefit from nutritional approach to eye disease should contact Stanley Evans at the address listed in the article. Mr. Evans, incidentally, doesn’t particularly agree with Bates. Evans tends to treat people nutritionally, whereas the Bates system emphasizes rest and exercise in improving vision without glasses.

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