I would like to share with readers a remarkable cure I have effected for a common, embarrassing, mainly female problem cellulite!

Having hardly used any other medicinal aids in the last four years except homeopathy, I did something I have never done before and combined two remedies to achieve this effect.

These were: Rhus Tox 6 and Apis 30. The miracle of it is that I took only one of each on two successive nights. (I specifically chose to take them at night, as this is the main time of physical development and correction, while day covers the areas of mental and emotional growth and influence.)

Within 10 days, and an embarrassingly large number of toxic elimination visits to the loo later, I would say that 60-75 per cent of all my cellulite had gone.

This covered a fairly extensive area, from just above my knees to my buttocks. Although a large proportion of it was subcutaneous, by running a finger over the skin, it was all too painfully obvious.

I would say that I have not led the healthiest of lifestyles in the past and, at nearly 45, some would say that this proportion of cellulite in modern women is to be expected.

However, six weeks later, I can no longer detect any trace of cellulite in my legs, and I am wondering if I have found a miracle cure for one of the banes of our vanity.

I have begun trying it out on my friends, with delighted results so far, but if anyone would like to road test my discovery, I would like to hear reports of others’ experiences.

The only other points I would like to add are that neither Rhus Tox nor Apis are my constitutional remedies, and with just four little energy pills, which can be acquired over the counter anywhere in these potencies, why should we accept the expected, when we can help out the hoped for?

Please note: this experiment should never be made while pregnant. H S, Exeter.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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