We allowed ourselves to be given all the recommended inoculations against malaria. These included Paludrine (two tablets daily) and Avloclor (two tablets weekly). Toward the end of our stay, my wife was occasionally aware of blurred vision. On our

The British Airways clinic where we bought our drugs knew of only one case of side effects.

The degree of blurring has decreased since we stopped the pills, but we need to cure it. RP, Langton Green, Tunbridge Wells……..

Avloclor and Paludrine both manufactured by ICI are used in tandem both to supposedly prevent and treat malaria. Unfortunately, we’re not surprised at your wife’s experiences. Although the manufacturer’s information warns that sight problems may arise with long term use of Avloclor, what it doesn’t give you is the additional information contained in the British Data Sheet Compendium. “Defects in visual accommodation may occur on first taking Avloclor and patients should be warned regarding driving or operating machinery,” it says. The compendium warns against taking the drug for long periods which “should only be considered when no other drug is available”. Those taking Avloclor for more than a year should have eye examinations every three months, it recommends.

Other potential side effects include skin eruptions, itching, hair loss and skin depigmentation. It has also been known to cause severe blood disorders. Do any of our alternative practitioner readers have any suggestions for helping Mrs P’s vision?

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