Chronic low back pain:

Considering this is a major health concern among many of us, it is not surprising E-news readers have quite a lot to say about chronic low back pain. According to a couple of readers, constipation appears to be a common symptom that accompanies back pain. As the kidneys are located around that area, perhaps linking back pain with problems in eliminating doesn’t seem that wild a stab in the dark. One reader, fearing the combination of back pain and constipation may be signs of colon cancer, went to her gynaecologist who said that the problem was in fact vaginal/posterior prolapse. To relief the discomfort, one reader suggests the following exercise: Lie on your front without a pillow with arms by your sides for the first three days, for 10 minutes, three times a day. From the fourth day onwards, repeat the above but add a further 10 minutes lying down but with your front propped on your elbows. While this won’t cure the root problem, says the reader, it gives good relief_ that is if you don’t fall asleep halfway through. Chronic back pain could be a build up of too many free radicals, says one reader who found the pain disappeared after taking a course of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Good old H20 comes to fore again as one kinesiologist says that in among the low back pain cases he sees, over 80% are alleviated or fixed completely just by drinking more water. The reasoning is that the Psoas muscles, which help to stabilise the lower vertebrae, need to be more hydrated than any other muscle in the body to function properly. Yoga, Pilates, Alexander technique, exercises to strengthen the stomach and support the back as well as light cardiovascular exercises such as walking have also helped readers tackle this problem.

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