It’s a bit like having a golf ball in the throat, said the woman who is suffering from this condition. So how can we get her onto the fairway to health? One reader had a similar sensation, which was caused by an infection under a wisdom tooth. A speech and language therapist often sees this problem, and it could be caused by excessive tension in the larynx, which can cause a bunching of the muscles. Yoga and other relaxation therapies could help. Eventually it will be important to seek out the source of the tension. Another reader echoed the possible connection to stress, although the stress could be physical rather than mental (the woman also complained of heartburn). Try a multi-vitamin and magnesium, and pay a visit to an alternative practitioner. But it may not be stress at all, says one reader. Instead it could be caused by hiatus hernia, which traps food and causes the heartburn. It can be worse with certain foods, such as potatoes or eggs, and when you eat quickly, or if you’re sitting in a slumped position. Look out for these things, and this may help you determine if you have a hernia.

What Doctors Don't Tell You Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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