Ecoflow products protect against EM radiation

Re the dangers of phone masts (WDDTY vol 15 no 5), it is vital that the public is made aware of how they can protect themselves by taking a precautionary approach. An affordable product is available that can reduce the effects of radiation from various sources, including masts.

The Cornish company Ecoflow plc has two products – Bioguard and Biophone – for protecting against electropollution, with a large network of independent distributors throughout the UK.

The Bioguard pendant or lapel pin protects against radiation from computers, microwaves, powerlines and masts. The Biophone attaches to mobiles or cordless phones.

Both use the principle of ‘bioresonance feedback’ to mirror the cells’ natural frequencies and, in feeding them back to the body, neutralise potentially damaging frequencies. The products are backed by a clinical trial by Dr Bjorn Overbye, of Theratronics Laboratory in Norway, commissioned by Ecoflow.

More information is available from me or John Tebby on 01844 201 703; e-mail: – Mary Crail

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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