The EU directives and the Codex proposals amount to a major infringement of human rights. If Brussels and the pharmaceutical industry are allowed to dictate the levels of vitamins you are allowed to buy, next it will dictate which alternative medicines you’re allowed to have.

Before long, all vitamins will be in the hands of the pharmaceutical giants. And it may not be long before many other practices, such as vaccination, are mandatory.Act today by writing to your MEP to protest. However, in the view of WDDTY, Brussels and the UN won’t finally stop attempting to regulate our health unless every one of us who is interested in alternative healthcare says no collectively and very loudly. WDDTY, in conjunction with likeminded organisations such as People Against Cancer, has committed itself to helping efforts to organise a world wide protest to take place sometime next year, probably in the autumn.

People Against Cancer, among other consumer groups, successfully blocked the first Codex ruling. Individuals can make a difference. Staging an effective, powerful, worldwide protest is going to take a tremendous amount of planning and organisation as well as funds.

Fundraising, support, dedication and voluntary help will be needed to turn out in the numbers necessary to stop the pharmacartel, once and for all, from taking over alternative health care. Workers will need to unite all the alternative organisations together and spread the word about these moves to the public. Thus far, there has been virtually no publicity about the EU directives.

If you can contribute your time or money, please write to us at WDDTY, and we will keep your name on file and contact you once the organisation has begun.

Our silence will only be interpreted as a stamp of approval for the creation of an even bigger, more powerful, drugs industry.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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