Although ophthalmologist Dr William Bates did extensive research of his own in the late 1800s, his method of eye exercises and his enlightened approach in focusing on the role of nutrition has not benefited from much scientific measurement this century.

Nevertheless, the anecdotal evidence is impressive. According to Peter Mansfield, author of The Bates Method (Vermillion, £7.99): “I have personally seen corrections of eight dioptres or more [greater than what laser surgery generally achieves] in some of my patients. But these changes do not occur overnight.”

Other forms of eye exercises have been tested and found to improve vision (Am J Optom Physiol Opt, 1986; 63: 487-96; Acta Opthalmol Suppl, 1988; 186: 139-40; Percept Mot Skills, 1990; 71: 1055-8).

Contact the Bates society on 01273-422090 or send £1 for an information pack to the Bates Association, PO Box 25, Shoreham-by-Sea, BN43 6ZF.

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