Five-in-one vaccination alternative:

A young mother last time was worried about the new five-in-one vaccine that’s just been introduced by the UK health authorities. She wonders if there is a reliable homeopathic alternative, and another reader wondered if a baby could have a separate tetanus jab? Yes, there certainly are alternatives, says a homeopath, and remedies can be obtained from homeopathic pharmacies such as Ainsworth’s or Helios, although it’s probably better to see a qualified practitioner than to try a self-help approach. Another homeopath agrees that not only could homeopathy offer an alternative, it could also suggest some constitutional remedy to boost the overall health of the baby. One reader is not so sure. The key word in the question is ‘reliable’ and there’s no proof that homeopathic remedies offer the same protection as vaccinations. Widening the debate, one reader wonders if the diseases the vaccine is supposed to protect against are really so bad. If the child has a good immune system, aren’t the diseases just necessary rites of passage that give the immune system a chance to flex its muscles? There’s conflicting information about the tetanus jab: one reader says you can’t have it on its own, as it is always given with the diphtheria inoculation, while another reader says that it is most definitely available separately. Any readers who can join the debate with a definitive answer?

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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