Although spinal manipulation has been shown to be useful, relapses can be common. Some practitioners have expressed concern that continuous spinal adjustments over long periods of time could possibly add to the degeneration process.

One such practitioner was Australian born Diana Hunter. Hunter’s concern led her to reappraise different approaches, such as kinesiology, polarity therapy and zone therapy. She discovered that the body’s electrical system could be used to promote correct alignment, and dubbed her new system of back pain management Neuro skeletal Dynamics (Positive Health, 13 Oct 1997: 67-9) .NSD aims to help the body heal itself. It is non manipulative; there is no crunching or cracking of bones. Instead, it makes use of the fact that each of our nerves is surrounded by a pad of fluid. Hunter has mapped out several useful points on the hips, sacrum vertebral column and cranium where these pads exist.

By pressing gently on the appropriate point for around 30 seconds, the therapist can cause an electrical reaction which in turn causes specific muscles to contract. The resulting muscle contraction helps to gently realign the spine.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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