I have just been reading over again your excellent article about SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus) (WDDTY vol 7 no 9). About 20 years ago a patient came to me who had been treated for SLE with no success. I put him on 9mg a day of boron. In only thr

The allergist Dr John Mansfield has shown that allergies are responsible for much arthritic disease. I have found that areas with low soil boron such as Jamaica, Mauritius and Fiji have high levels of arthritis of up to 70 per cent. But in areas with high soil boron, there is little or no arthritis.

These two factors must work together: boron does something to alleviate the effect of allergies. In plants, boron will make cell walls more permeable to other ions, so possibly this also happens to humans and animals. Boron will correct adjuvant arthritis in animals and the adjuvant is generally a mineral oil. Similar oils are found in some baby oils and boron will correct arthritis in babies. Possibly a substance like histamine is influenced by boron. Much more research is needed to solve the problem completely, but the information is exciting. Rex Newnham, Nutritional Consultant, Cracoe, N Yorkshire…….

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