Low hormone levels:

One female reader writes in wanting to know if there are any others like her who suffers from too-low levels of oestrogen and progesterone. According to her, the problem is not one of balance (the two hormones are in right ratio) but volume. Her menstrual cycles are regular although she suffers from breast pain and spotting before her period. She is worried that her problem may lead to infertility. Is there any way to bring her hormone levels back to normal? Concerning our reader’s worries about potential infertility, make sure there are sufficient levels of zinc, selenium and B vitamins are essential one’s dietary intake as these are essential for good reproductive health and fertility. One reader says traditional Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture helped re-adjust her hormonal balance. Try taking evening primrose oil, commonly used as an alternative HRT for women undergoing menopause. It may also be helpful in reducing pre-menstrual symptoms such as breast pain. The herbs Dong quai, red clover and saw palmetto also stimulate oestrogen production. There are also naturally-occurring oestrogens and progesterones found in certain foods, such as soy and flaxseed. Or you could have bio-identical hormones compounded for you, according to your needs and even your tastes as these hormones come in various flavours. According to one reader, being too thin can also pose a problem as underweight individuals lack the fatty tissues which contain the enzyme aromatase, needed to convert androgen to oestrogen. To strengthen the adrenal glands where the sex hormones are produced, take up yoga or stress reduction exercises to ensure you don’t exhaust the glands. And to pump up production of sex hormones, there is the pleasurable option of regular sexual activity.

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