Mast hysteria:Mast emissions: a moveable feast

Most experts don’t think of mobile-mast radiation as a problem, so you’d expect international regulations to be broadly in line with each other. However, radiation limits vary widely from one country to another. Perhaps as a reflection of political-commercial pressures, Britain has the least stringent limits in the world.

Radiation is measured in volts per metre (V/m), which vary according to the frequency – measured in megahertz (MHz). Mobile phones operate on two frequencies: 900 MHz and 1800 MHz.

900 Mhz 1800 MHz

Britain 41 V/m (was 112 V/m) 58 V/m (was 194 V/m)
Switzerland 4 V/m 6 V/m
Russia 6 V/m 6 V/m
Italy 6 V/m 6 V/m
Luxembourg 3 V/m 6V/m

Radiation levels from a 15-metre mast are at their maximum at a distance of about 100 metres, falling away to near-zero at 300 metres. A 30-metre mast has a radiation peak at a distance of about 200 metres, falling away at 800 metres.

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