Mirtazapina, an anti-depressant:

First up is the 74-year-old woman who has been prescribed Mirtazapina for her depression. But what are the drug’s side effects, she wonders? Well, quite a few, say our readers, and enough to make you. . well, depressed. Watch out for renal or hepatic impairment, epilepsy, organic brain syndrome, angina, cardiac conduction disturbances, prostatic hypertrophy, glaucoma, and diabetes. Then there’s weight gain, drowsiness, raised liver enzymes, oedema, hypotension and mania. Oh, and if you start showing signs of infection or jaundice, you should stop the treatment straight away. If you want a safer anti-depressant, try maca. One reader’s father tried it, and found that the only side effect was an increased libido.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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