MMR vaccination

A worried mother last time was wondering if her four-year-old son’s immune system had matured sufficiently for him to have the triple MMR vaccine. In response, another mother relates what happened to her four-year-old when he recently had the booster shot. As a baby he had reacted badly to all the standard vaccinations, but had grown up on a diet of organic food, very little red meat, and plenty of exercise and love. He had the booster a couple of weeks ago after a health visitor had said that his immune system had matured enough. Unfortunately he reacted badly, and was sick for a week afterwards, and had almost the identical reactions as he had as a baby. “I very much regret being talked into giving it to him because it is now obvious to me that no child’s immune system is ‘mature enough’ to cope with the cocktail of substances injected in them in the name of preventative medicine”, she writes.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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