Natural antiviral agents:

Finally, do flu vaccinations really work? Has anyone had any serious adverse effects from a vaccination? What are natural alternatives to vaccinations? One reader recommends using the homeopathic remedy, Influenzinum 30, as a preventative. She suggests taking one at night every week if your occupation puts you in frequent contact with infectious people. Another suggested homeopathic remedy is Flu-Guard, available in spray form. Garlic is a good, all-purpose antiviral as are a wide range of berries _ cranberries are recognised for helping urinary tract infections, serviceberry is supposed to be good at fighting SARS, bearberries are known to tackle kidney problems. Two spoonfuls of black elderberry extract have been found to be particularly effective as a preventative measure the flu virus _ up the dosage to four spoonfuls if used as treatment. Or for a bit of aromatherapy, burn eucalyptus, tea tree of lavender in your house during winter, or put 1 to 2 drops on your duvet or pillow so that you can breathe in the oils overnight.

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