Noni juice

: If you have a lot to say about vitamin K injections, you have even more to say about noni juice. A reader last time wanted to know more about noni juice and Supergreens. In a few moments, he will. First off, which is the best product to try? A few Neways distributors say their company offers an excellent version of the juice, Hawaiian Noni Juice, so perhaps that’s one source to investigate. Another reader suggests a juice from the island of Tahiti, which was produced by Morinda International, although it now trades as Tahitian Noni International. Then there’s Berry Young juice from Young Living. Another reader provides an exhaustive history of noni juice. The first, and best, is indeed produced by Tahitian Noni International, she tells us. Its Tahitian Noni Juice has had many imitators, who also use the same brand name but who produce an inferior product, so buyer beware. She says that users should also be patient. It can take up to four months of continual usage before any benefits are noticed, and it may help to increase the dosage, especially if you are a large person, or if you’re feeling particularly under the weather. Advocates make amazing claims for its healing and restorative powers. It’s supposed to help restore the immune system, it acts as an antioxidant, and helps the circulatory system, and it’s an aid to the digestive system as well as helping restore health to the skin and hair. Some swear by its miraculous restorative powers, while others claim that it has done nothing for them. One thing’s for sure – it’s very expensive. The Tahitian Noni Juice website is selling a case of four bottles for $122. A few kind words for the Supergreens, which one therapist tells us helps reduce acidic levels in the body. One supplier is Inner Light, an American company, which makes its powder from 49 different organic grasses, vegetables, sprouted grains and green leaves.

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