ONE WOMAN’S STORY: With three months to live, she conquered terminal

I don’t think I’ve ever told you about my mother, Edith. She was a wonderful, kind woman who always seemed to have time to help others. She was brought up in a different time, of course, and her upbringing was far from easy anyway.

She learned to bottle things up, and keep her feelings to herself.

Trouble was, she had quietly nursed breast cancer for the previous 18 months, bandaging her wounds without telling anyone, not even my father.

One day the pain became so great that finally the family came to learn that something was badly wrong. The following day she went to see the doctor who was so overcome by what he saw that he almost fainted.

He told the family that there was no hope, and that mother had just three months to live. At least we had time to put affairs into order, he said.

Lynne and I couldn’t accept this prognosis, and asked the doctor if we could take over her care. He agreed. Immediately we took Edith to see Dr Patrick Kingsley who thought the position was far from hopeless. Edith was an interesting case, after all. She hadn’t been ‘contaminated’ with chemotherapy and the like. So he radically changed her diet, and put her on very high dose vitamin C, given intravenously.

With the love and support of the family, she started to rally and, a year later, the family doctor was surprised to see her still walking in the town! He asked if she would mind having an x-ray, which she agreed to. As I said, she was kind to everyone. He was astonished that the x-ray revealed no cancer whatsoever.

Could he have been wrong? No, but Dr Kingsley had been right.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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