PARENTS WHO KILL: Could the vaccines be the real culprit?

Parents in the UK and USA are being wrongly imprisoned for killing their babies when there has been a genuine medical reason for their children’s sudden and tragic deaths. Several women in the UK have recently had their convictions overturned because of dubious ‘expert’ testimony, and we’ve seen similar cases in the USA.

Perhaps the most celebrated concerns the sudden death of Alan Joe Yurko, whose father is serving a life sentence after being convicted of violently shaking his child.

The father mentioned that Alan had just been given a combination of six vaccines, but it was a comment never followed up – so medical researcher Dr Harold Buttram has done just that.

He reviewed 25 cases of supposed shaken baby syndrome (SBS), and found in all the cases that the babies had been vaccinated around 12 days earlier. The babies had fatal brain injuries, but Buttram believes this was a result of vaccine-induced encephalitis. He points to reports of intracranial pressure being observed after the DPT vaccine, while the hepatitis B vaccine is being linked to brain hemorrhage.

Is Dr Buttram’s study conclusive? Far from it, but vaccinations should be part of the enquiry when parents are next accused of murdering their child.

(Source: Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients, October 2003; 243: 72-8).

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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