Post-mastectomy pain

This woman had a mastectomy last December and is still experiencing considerable post-surgical pain. The area and intensity of pain changes from day to day. Her oncologist is familiar with this reaction, but has no suggestions for treatment. She’s seen physical therapists and had myofascial massage and acupuncture treatments, but nothing has worked so far. Does anyone have suggestions for her? Manual lymphatic drainage may help, as your lymph pathways may have been destroyed or severely damaged. If you have had radiology, this may have also damaged lymph nodes – be sure to seek advice from your oncologist regarding this treatment. Visit for additional information and advice. Alternatively, reiki and other hands-on energetic healing can help eliminate your pain. Try one-hour reiki sessions for 4 consecutive days, and then maybe weekly for a while. Hypnosis, hourly physical therapy, Virtual Scanning colour therapy, and essiac tea (cooked from herbs, not already bottled) were also suggested as remedies for your pain. Finally, try health kinesiology. When scars are made on the body, the healing of the scars can sometimes interrupt the flow of energy meridians that passed through that area. All health kinesiology practitioners know how to do a scar correction (and other energy procedures that can have dramatic results). To find a practitioner, go to

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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