Both my daughter and son were born with a form of bronchial asthma which has caused a weakness in the lungs which renders them lacking in energy and sometimes depressed. I have tried many natural remedies without success. Is there any effective way to help? Name and address supplied….

Our panellist Harald Gaier has had good results using a product made from hazelwort (Asarum europaeum). It is marketed under the name of Escarol, and he has found that it can dramatically improve symptoms, even in patients who have been suffering from asthma and bronchial conditions for years.

This effect has been demonstrated in several clinical trials. However, studies show that the effect may not be immediate; indeed, you may need to wait until the second or third week of treatment to see results (Planta Med, 1983; 48: 153-7).

A special purifying process supposedly is used which standardises the dosage of the phenylpropan derivatives, the most important components of the hazelwort root.

These components help to encourage the production of normal mucus in the bronchi, by liquifying thick phlegm and making it easier to be expelled from the body. If mucus is too thick, it becomes difficult for the tiny hairs in the bronchi to transport the phlegm up and out.

These phenylpropan derivatives help to enlarge air passages, making it easier to breathe. They also have an anti bacterial action which helps to resist infection.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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