Radionics for a bad headache – and worse

As a radionic practitioner, I am really interested in reading Lynne’s book, The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe, as the Radionic Association has worked with energy fields for very many years with little recognition or credence.

Each publicised scientific discovery brings the possibility of working with new ideas and, although we have always been able to broadcast light as a remedy, it is now immediately possible to convert knowledge of photons into useful treatments – for which we thank you.

On another note, perhaps vibrational medicine could make a name for itself if the anthrax scare continues to grow. The homoeopathic nosode Anthracinum can be made to any potency, using a magnetogeometric applications radionic remedy-maker with a Rae vibrational card, from tapwater in a matter of minutes. I frequently make two-litre bottles of a rescue remedy for plants, with striking results.

Anthracinum, when broadcast into the brain and perhaps other locations in the body, is a very effective remedy for the worse types of migraine. Not a lot of people know that.- Doris Frankish, Whitley Bay

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