One therapist needs help in determining the best treatment for a client with a build-up of excessive ear wax. Could be caused by an allergy to feathers or dust, suggests one reader, whose own daughter’s problem was caused by just that. All the feather pillows and cushions were removed from the home, and her ears returned to normal. Another reader thinks it could be related to a lack of fish oils, which echoes the views of another reader, who says the problem indicates an omega-3 deficiency. Then there’s a product called Audiclean that’s supposed to ‘disperse ear wax fast and effectively’, according to Pitrok, the supplier. Does it? We have no idea. Try some bicarb in water regularly, says another. Don’t use cotton buds to clear the ears, but once a month lie on your side and put in a few drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide, or try warm olive oil to soften the wax, or even try fresh morning urine. We recall that the patient in question hasn’t even started drinking water, so the latter may be asking a little too much at the moment.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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