Reader’s Corner:Lymphoma:

Several of you have responded to the plight of a woman who is due to have a lymphoma under her collarbone cut out. She was worried that the procedure could spread cancer cells.

One reader suggests rubbing a small amount if castor oil over the lump once a day, possibly in the morning, and then some rosemary essential oil in the evening. Castor oil is excellent for breaking down lumps, she says, although it’s not clear if this would work on cancerous lumps.

One woman tells the story of her husband who had cancer of the vocal cords. A combination of surgery and radiation seems to have successfully cleared the cancer, although her husband also took Ayurvedic medicine (turmeric powder and ashwaghanda powder) and visualization to help the process. Another suggests treating the lymphoma by detoxing with Nux Vom 6C for a week.

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