Readers’ corner:Menopause-related dry skin

At first, I thought this was wonderful – until my skin and hair dried out completely, and I started developing wrinkly skin on my face and neck. My hair is now falling out in clumps. Two saliva tests have shown low oestrogen levels. My doctor has increased the strength of my oestrogen patch, and I am also using progesterone cream. I am suffering other symptoms of menopause that I can cope with, but this premature ageing I cannot. Can anyone offer any advice? – JM

* You could be suffering from a low thyroid condition that caused the gynaecological problems in the first place. Now that you’ve had the operation, the real reason for the problem has come back to haunt you. Low thyroid condition causes skin problems and ages the skin. Get tested (through the underarm Barnes test – see WDDTY vol 16 no 7) and take enough vitamin B, zinc, magnesium and selenium to keep the thyroid going. – Amanda Jennings

* Below is a carefully prepared mix that I found to be extremely beneficial. Blend and apply the mixture to the face just before bedtime. For daytime use, replace the frankincense essential oil with ylang-ylang and apply the mixture after washing your face. Leave for 30 minutes, then gently blot with a soft cloth to soak up any surplus oil. Make-up can then be applied in the usual way. This mixture can also be beneficial for problem/sensitive/mature skins.
25 mL of almond oil (or grapeseed)
2 drops of lavender oil (soothing)
3 drops of patchouli oil (for dry/mature skin)
2 drops of frankincense oil (encourages skin renewal). – Sheryl Callard

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