Does seaweed contain mercury, and how can someone reduce their mercury intake without cutting out fish and shellfish from the diet, asked two readers last time. You can reduce your mercury levels with a product called Aloe Ferox from Kiki, and by taking good quality antioxidants, suggests one reader. One reader eats fresh water fish such as river trout, but suggests that it’s only the larger sea fish such as tuna that contain the mercury. It’s worse if you microwave the tuna as this can release the mercury into the atmosphere. Another remedy to rid the body of mercury is chlorella, taken in powdered form three times a day. Kinesiology can help determine the level of mercury in your body, says one reader, and homeopathy can reduce the levels with remedies such as Hepar Sulph, Merc viv or Merc sol, Staph, and Phyt. Remove amalgam fillings, after which the body can be purged with chlorella and cilantro drops. Foods such as stewed organic apples and beetroot can help rid the body of mercury as the pectin binds to the metal.

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