Reader’s Corner:Polcystic ovaries:

Any suggestions of non-drug therapies for PCOS, asked one reader last time? Apres la, le deluge (in other words, you’ve got a lot to say).

One reader, and former fellow sufferer, successfully treated her problem by bathing in sage, which she also burned in an oil burner. Another found a cure with Ayurvedic medicine after first detoxing for 21 days, a regime that included massage, herbs, steams, enemas and dietary changes. A reflexologist tells us that reflexology and health kinesiology can work, while another mentions saw palmetto or a Swiss herbal remedy known as PCOS spagyric formulation.

One reader suggests the problem might be a manifestation of diminished thyroid function, and so this needs to be checked out first. If not, look at insulin resistance, suggests another, so a low glycaemic diet might do the trick. One woman’s PCOS was cured by taking a herbal remedy, although she didn’t specify the actual herb, so you’d have to go to a herbalist to find out.

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