Reader’s Corner:Re coil:

The comment last time from a reader who suffered a toxic reaction after having had a coil fitted prompted some of you to write with similar experiences.

One woman suffered for three months until it was removed. During that time, she was in pain almost all the time, and especially if she sat down suddenly. Another woman had such a bad time with the coil that it damaged her cervix and she had been unable to conceive.

One woman says that she was in such pain that she went into shock. It was eventually removed after it caused severe pelvic infection, which resulted in a stay in hospital.

One woman had her coil removed because of painful periods, and had it replaced with a coil that releases small amounts of progesterone. It worked! There was no pain, and she fell pregnant within a month of having it removed. Her doctor (a woman) said she herself had one fitted, as did every other female doctor, and every wife of every doctor!

One woman had more of an unhappy experience. She had painful periods, and intercourse was uncomfortable. Eventually, she had it removed. Another woman had a similar tale to tell, and understands it is worse for women who have not had a child as the womb is tilted further back.

Finally, a happy ending. One woman has had a coil fitted for four years, and has had few problems. She’s had some pains, but doesn’t know if it’s the fault of the coil or not. Well, happy endings of sorts.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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