Reader’s Corner:Tapeworm and epilepsy:

Plenty of you responded to last week’s story about how tapeworms from pork can cause seizures that doctors misdiagnose as epilepsy. Quite a few suggested that people should stop eating pork, which we suppose gets to the nub of it, provided the person doesn’t already have the tapeworm.

To find out if you do, a kinesiology muscle test can quickly give you the answer, says one correspondent. If the test shows you have the worm, one antidote could be Citricidal (grapefruit seed extract) suggests one reader, while another has a one-word solution – graviola, she says. Right, then.

Another woman suggests (in less concise terms) a programme that includes black walnut (Juglans regia), wormwood and cloves. She worms her dogs with the same solution she uses to ‘worm’ herself. Interestingly, her dog suffered seizures three or four times a month (possibly from the worms) and was also treated homoeopathically, and with great success.

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