Restless leg syndrome

This is when someone’s leg jumps of its own accord during sleep. Does anyone out there have experience with treating this problem? Many people do, and the majority found that a daily dose of magnesium worked wonders (ask your doctor for the precise amount as too much can stress the kidneys). One reader swears by Cal.M from G&G, a powdered mixture of calcium, magnesium and cider vinegar that you make into a drink. Potassium is another possible supplementary solution (bananas are best for this). If you still feel a bout coming on, dissolve one tablet of the homeopathic remedy Rhus Tox 30c under your tongue (zinc in 30c was also suggested). Doing some daily exercise is recommended too (since your legs like to move, why not get one of those little pedal exercisers?) – just be sure your regime ends well before the bedtime. In TCM, this syndrome is a classic sign of Yin deficiency, and readers have reported success in managing restless legs through acupuncture. Reflexology has also worked for some, as has eliminating caffeine from the diet.

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