Reynauds syndrome:

What could be done for one reader’s mother who has been diagnosed with Reynauds syndrome? She also suffers from arthritis, and it’s believed there is an association between the two conditions. One reader tells us he developed the condition after wearing a wet glove. Ginkgo biloba and ginger could help get the circulation going, and vigorous exercise – such as arm swinging – might also improve the condition. She could also try applying some capsaicin cream topically to the problem area, although it might be wise to check that it doesn’t interfere with the treatment she’s taking for the arthritis. Another option is shark liver oil, which, in one case, seemed to produce results after taking six soft gel supplements a day for three months. Omega 3 and 6 could also help, and one reader says she’s had good results by massaging the extremities of sufferers. Eating two leaves a day of the plant American Marsh Pennywort (Hydrocotyle umbellate), or taking two capsules a day of the dried herb, can help. More on: Then there’s a remedy called CIR, which is produced by New Vistas. Our reader says it can be very effective with Reynauds and arthritis. There’s always homeopathy, says a homeopath, and remedies that might be effective include Secale. One reader’s symptoms were completely cleared up after just one visit to an acupuncturist. The Bowen technique is also worth investigating, says one practitioner who says she’s had good results with adults and teenagers, with a gradual and sustained improvement in symptoms.

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