So what’s the alternative to metal in the mouth?

Re WDDTY vol 14 nos 2 and 3, I have read both Second Opinions on the ill-effects of dentistry. What concerns me is the lack of alternatives. If we are not to use gold or amalgam, what else can we use to fill our holey teeth? I have a mouthful of fillings, clearly a cause for concern, yet we are told it is dangerous to remove such fillings as that can make matters worse.

I am all for hearing about the dangers of modern dentistry but, without sound and constructive advice as to what else one can do, is this information really useful, or are we all condemned to go round with toothache – or dentures? – Gill Wood, Wimbledon

WDDTY replies: Dentistry is perhaps the one area of life where plastic is generally considered a better (that is, safer) bet than metal.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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