So you think you need . . . A vasectomy:If you must have the operation . . .

* Make sure you know ALL the possible options available
* To avoid feelings of regret, don’t make your decision at a time of stress, for example, during a relationship crisis
* Know all the risks of surgery and anaesthesia
* Tell your doctor of any serious medical conditions you have
* Stop smoking before the operation to reduce the risk of a chest infection
* Lose weight if you are obese to reduce the risk of complications
* Choose a surgeon familiar with the operation and who knows the risks; discuss together the safest way of doing it
* Homoeopathic Arnica 30C can help the body deal with bruising and swelling often seen with vasectomy
* If possible, choose less-risky, local anaesthesia
* After the operation, wear special underwear for a week to support your scrotum
* Consult a medical herbalist: valerian can help you relax, easing the pain; a 100-mL tincture of Echinacea, gotu kola, Salvia miltiorrhiza and comfrey can help regenerate the body (from Kingham Herbs & Tinctures, tel: 01608 659 600). Take 5 mL/day x 3 for no more than three weeks.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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