Some practitioners, like the late ophthalmologist Stanley Evans, maintain that glasses are the worst possible treatment for myopia since they halt the eye’s development. “If you get a child early, before he is given glasses, you can arrest myopia,” he believed. The demands on the eye determine the release of the hormones which control its growth. Glasses allow the eye to work less hard, so short sightedness becomes progressively worse.

Studies with young monkeys have shown that wearing contact lenses arrests the growth and development of the eye (Optom Vis Sci, 1996; 35: 579-84; Nat Med, 1995; 35: 761-5). In one study among school children, an early diagnosis of myopia, and a prescription for corrective lenses, meant a greater deterioration in the child’s eyesight over the following 34 months (Opthalmic Epidemiol, 1996; 3: 13-21).Finally, the metal elements in spectacle frames also constitute a risk, acting as antennae and focusing EMFs around your eyes. This effect was first reported by the World Health Organisation in 1987 and again in 1993.

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