STEM CELL THERAPY::The procedure is a success, but the patient dies

Those who believe that the future of medicine and health lies in the realm of genetics and stem cell research might have a long wait before their dream is realized.
New research suggests that stem cell therapy is highly dangerous, resulting in serious complications in most cases, which often lead to the patient’s death.
Researchers made this disheartening discovery when they investigated the survival rate of patients who underwent a bone marrow transplant.
The transplant is a complicated process, and is often considered a ‘last resort’ therapy for people whose bone marrow is severely compromised, such as with leukemia or aplastic anaemia. A transplant takes stem cells from the bone marrow, filters them and puts them back.
But researchers have found that the transplant often causes lung complications that can prove fatal. In a small study of 50 patients who had been given a transplant, 40 of them – or 80 per cent – developed pulmonary problems, and 37 of these patients died.

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