Sun-damaged skin

This man has slight sun damage to his forehead. His doctor has advised him to keep an eye on it and to keep it moist. Is there any known cure for this type of damage? What can he do to help the area heal? St. John’s Wort, which is easily available, is very good for sunburn to the skin. Skin So Soft, though expensive, is being used by many skin cancer patients – with excellent results. Squalene (applied topically twice a day), a powerful antioxidant and protector against UV, was also recommended. One man with this problem enthuses about ‘Rebound’ cream by Neways International; one application and the skin stays moist all day. Another healed through the addition of fish oil and evening primrose oil supplements to his diet (and the elimination of dairy and sugar) as well as visiting a homeopath and a Chinese herbalist. A woman, also with sun damage, was prescribed ‘Efudix’ cream; after two weeks, her forehead became red and the new skin formed underneath was devoid of any problems. Six months on, she feels great and her skin remains normal. Another suggestion: apply avocado oil to the area, following with aloe vera gel.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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